Why Does My Dog Keep Throwing Up in Tulsa, OK?

dog throwing up in tulsa, ok

Do you have a dog who is throwing up a lot? Did this just start, or has your dog always vomited easily? Throwing up is a cause for concern no matter what your dog’s situation might be, but some underlying problems that lead to this symptom may be worse than others.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the most common reasons why your dog might be throwing up. Read through this list and see if you can figure out which one might be true for your pet. After that, you’ll know more about what to ask the vet, too.

Mild Causes

Below are some possible mild causes of a dog throwing up.

Dietary Change

If you change your dog’s diet suddenly, this may cause his stomach to become upset. Many dogs have sensitive stomachs in this way, so it’s best to wean them slowly off one food and onto another one. Otherwise, your dog might vomit a few times while adjusting to the new food.

Food Allergy

If your dog is allergic to one or more of the ingredients in his food, he may vomit due to this food allergy. However, there are other more common signs of food allergy in dogs, including poor coat condition and skin health problems such as dandruff and itching.

Worms or Parasites

Intestinal worms and parasites may cause vomiting in dogs. These parasites are usually cleared up easily with a round of medication from the veterinarian, which is why they can be considered mild causes of vomiting in dogs. However, if left untreated, parasitic infestations can cause much more serious problems.

No Real Cause

Finally, some dogs may simply vomit for no real reason. If you’ve ever seen your dog vomit once and then go immediately back to what he was doing before, there may be nothing wrong at all. Monitor him and make sure he has access to fresh water, but otherwise, he should be fine.

Moderate Causes of Dog Vomiting

Below are some possible moderate causes of why a dog could be vomiting.

Inflammatory Bowel

Just like humans, some dogs may have an inflammatory bowel disorder. This condition can cause them to vomit easily, especially if they have just eaten something they’re not used to eating. These dogs may vomit when fed human food or any foods with more than the bare minimum of ingredients, for example.

Medications or Supplements

Some types of medications or supplements that may be prescribed to your dog can cause vomiting. Ask your vet if you have any questions or concerns about your dog’s medications causing him to vomit, and make sure to read any information the vet provides you about your pet’s treatments, too.

dog vomiting in tulsa, okOvereating

Some dogs may vomit because they overeat. If your dog eats too quickly and vomits often because of this behavior, you can invest in a slow feeder or a food dispenser to help him slow down. Drinking too fast can cause the same symptoms, especially if your dog is vomiting up mostly water.

Note that some dogs may suffer from bloat if they eat too fast. Bloat is a potentially fatal condition that is much worse than simple overeating. If you suspect your dog might have bloat, take him to the emergency vet without waiting.

Severe Causes

Below are some possible sever causes for a dog to throw up.


This condition can be potentially fatal in dogs if left untreated. Dogs with pancreatitis may throw up a lot very quickly and may dehydrated because of this. The dehydration may quickly lead to a severe condition.

Organ Failure

If your dog goes into a state of organ failure—almost any organ—he may begin vomiting. This vomiting may occur uncontrollably and may lead to dehydration very quickly.

Ingestion of Foreign Object

Dogs who ingest foreign objects, such as pieces of toys or household objects, may be at risk for a bowel obstruction. If your dog suffers from a bowel obstruction, he will have other symptoms along with his vomiting, including pain, hunched posture, and possibly difficulty breathing.

Ingestion of Toxic Substance

Ingestion of toxic substances may also cause vomiting. If the substance is not fatally toxic, your dog may throw up a few times and then be fine. However, if the substance is potentially fatal, you will need to take your dog to the emergency vet for treatment and administration of IV fluids as well.

Talk with a Veterinarian

As you can see, many of the causes of vomiting in dogs are not too serious. However, since some can be very serious or even life-threatening, it’s important to have your dog examined by a vet if he has been throwing up for more than a day or if his vomiting is chronic.

Additionally, you should look for other symptoms in your dog that could lead to a diagnosis of a more serious problem. Your vet will want to know about anything you might have observed along these lines, so be ready to provide this information when you take your pet in as well.

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