Meet Our Team in Tulsa, OK

Who runs our hospital and keeps our veterinarians in line? This team! Providing vital assistance in medicine, running the day-to-day operations, and stepping in wherever they’re needed are just some of their many duties. Get to know the veterinary staff below to learn who is taking care of your pet when they need it most.

Sheri McNamara

Sheri McNamara Practice Manager/RVT

Sheri started working at the Animal Emergency Center of Tulsa in 1993. She graduated from Murray State College in Tishomingo, OK with an associate degree in veterinary technology. In 2017, she earned the Oklahoma Veterinary Technician Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award! Sheri chose a career in the veterinary field because she wanted a job where she could work with animals but didn’t want to be a veterinarian. Her favorite aspect of working here is the unique challenges of emergency medicine as well as patient care. Her passion for her job includes a strong emphasis in nursing care.

Sheri is married to Dr. Troy McNamara and together they have three children, Haley, Jeannie, and Jon Allen. They also have an Australian Shepherd named Virgil, a long-haired Chihuahua named Benicio, a Boxer mix named Ringo, and a miniature donkey named Wyatt. When she has time, Sheri enjoys gardening and hanging with her family.

Loretta Kluesner Manager/RVT

Loretta always had an interest in emergency medicine. She knew from a young age that she wanted to either work with children or small animals. In high school, she decided to pursue a career working with small animals and chose veterinary nursing because of the impact her skills have on the lives she cares for. She is proud to be someone who advocates and cares for those who have no voice! In her job, she loves seeing how excited her patients and their families are to be reunited after a stay in the hospital. Being able to return someone’s cherished family pet is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Loretta received an associate degree in applied science in veterinary technology from Tulsa Community College in 2006. In that same year, she became a registered veterinary technician. After several years of working in veterinary medicine, she received certification in basic life support and advanced life support from the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society.

Loretta is married to her husband, Andrew, and he has been with her every step of her journey! Together, they have a son, Reznor, who keeps them very busy when they’re not at work with Boy Scouts, Archery, and Taekwondo. Their fur family includes three dogs: Beck, a Pomeranian, Ducky, a Shih Tzu mix, and The Dude, a Samoyed; as well as three cats: Neko, a Himalayan, and Plex and Winchester, both domestic shorthairs. In Loretta’s spare time, she enjoys reading, being outside, and eating sushi!

Loretta Kluesner
Kristi Jones

Kristi Jones RVT

Kristi has always wanted to help animals. She started working at a veterinary clinic as an assistant in 1988 until 2001 when she started working at the Animal Emergency Center of Tulsa.

She attended Tulsa Community College and completed the veterinary technician program in 2000, which earned her an associate degree in applied science. Kristi finds the knowledge she has gained and her ability to help her patients to be the most rewarding things about her role.

She and her spouse have been together for twelve years. They have a daughter as well as several pets including two Pit Bulls named Cinnamon and Dozer; a German Shepherd named Titan; a Mastiff named Chloe; a Rottweiler named Belle; a Lab mix named Sassy; a Collie mix named Buddy; and twelve cats. When she’s not working, Kristi enjoys spending time with her family, and most of all, being a mom! She also enjoys watching reality TV and action movies.

Sarah Wilson Veterinary Assistant

Sarah grew up on a farm and loved helping animals. She started working at the Louisiana SPCA in New Orleans in 1999. When she and her family moved back to Oklahoma in 2001, she began working at the Animal Emergency Center. Sarah’s education includes attending Tulsa Community College after high school and then transferring to Delgado Community College in New Orleans. There, she obtained an associate degree in applied science. While working here, she loves being able to help patients and their owners during difficult times. She also feels very lucky to work with her sister (and best friend) Amy, a receptionist here.

Sarah has been married to her husband, John, for 20 years and together they have two children, Kimberlee and Kelsie. Additionally, their fur family consists of two Persian cats, Harry and Davey; two Shih Tzus, Peggy and Bridget; an English Bull Terrier named Charlotte; and seven chickens.

Sarah Wilson
Amy Ghering

Amy Ghering Client Care Coordinator Supervisor

Before working at the Animal Emergency Center of Tulsa, Amy was a stay-at-home mom for six years. She knew she needed to get back to work, and her sister (an assistant here), Sarah, told her of an open position as a receptionist. Amy dragged her feet on applying, but then Sarah called her on Labor Day, 2003 because the receptionist they had hired did not show up to work. The rest is history! Amy really enjoys working in a profession that allows her to help both pets and their families, especially in an emotional situation.

Amy and her husband, Aaron, have two boys named Skyler and Grady. They also share their home with several pets including three Persian cats named Hazel, Sookie, and Sumo, two Shih Tzus, Penny and Mei Mei, and another dog named Buddha. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and trying new foods, as well as watching her favorite show, Rupaul’s Drag Race!

Teresa Scott Veterinary Assistant

Teresa has always had an interest in the veterinary field. Growing up on a farm, she found she was very interested in the health of animals. In her role, she enjoys having the ability to help animals who are in need. She has attended two International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposiums, and so keeps up to date with the latest trends in urgent care.

Teresa also has another passion outside of her work with us: showing her black Miniature Schnauzers! She bred and shows her dog Garrett all over the country, and he's been named the #1 black Miniature Schnauzer in the country for two years in a row. At Eukanuba Dog Show, he was awarded Terrier Group 1 at the first owner/handler competition, and at New York's Westminster Dog Show, he received an AOM.

Teresa and her husband, Brian, share their home with their two sons, Brandon and Chris as well as Miniature Schnauzers, cats, paint horses, and chickens. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, and of course, showing her black miniature schnauzers!

Teresa Scott

Alicia Sander Receptionist

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Ruby De La Torre RVT

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April Little Veterinary Assistant

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