Meet One of Animal Emergency Center’s Patients, Hazel Grace!

Hazel Grace was brought to Animal Emergency Center, due to vomiting and weakness.  As a puppy, Hazel Grace was known to eat everything, from her toys to socks. Dr. McNamara obtained abdominal radiographs and quickly decided that Hazel Grace needed surgery. She immediately underwent emergency abdominal exploratory surgery to search for potential causes of her symptoms.

During Hazel’s surgery, Dr. McNamara removed a sock from her abdomen and a cloth from her small intestines.  The cloth caused severe damage to her intestines, and 1.5 feet of small intestines had to be removed as a result.

After her surgery, Hazel Grace was hospitalized for two days so she could be monitored for potential post-operative complications.  We are happy to share that she recovered well and was able to go home to her family.

Words from the Cox Family:

“One year ago yesterday, we were able to bring home our sweet Hazel Grace, thanks to the awesome care we received.  Hazel decided to eat a few socks and lost several inches of bowel. We were not sure she would survive the major surgery or recovery. You would not know it today because she is as ornery as ever. She continues to bring our family so much love and joy. Thanks to you and your staff for saving her. We simply cannot thank you enough for saving our sweet girl. Thank you for all you do and for your love of animals.”

Sincerely, The Cox Family