Emergency Vet near Owasso, OK

If you’re in need of an emergency vet near Owasso, OK for your furry friend, visit the Animal Emergency Center of Tulsa. We’re here for the pets and owners near Owasso any time, day, night, weekend, or holiday, all year long. For over 25 years, the Animal Emergency Center of Tulsa has not only provided high-quality care, but compassion to family pets and their owners. Though we hope you’ll never need to utilize our emergency vet services, we are here for you when you do.

If your pet is experiencing an emergency call us at 918-665-0508 right away!

Our Emergency Veterinary Services Near Owasso

Our emergency vet clinic near Owasso provides the following services for all pets:

  • In-house laboratory services, where we give your furry friends a blood gas analysis, a full chemistry electrolyte test, and CBC and coagulation profiles
  • Emergency surgeries, which range from minor laceration repairs, to major abdominal and thoracic procedures
  • In-house diagnostic services, in the form of digital x-rays, ECG, emergency ultrasounds, and endoscopy
  • Hospitalization for pets who need to stay overnight or longer for observations and treatment
  • A fully-equipped ICU and well-stocked pharmacy
  • Constant oxygen support if treatment deems it necessary
  • Isolation capabilities for pets that have infectious diseases, so everyone including them is safe
  • A variety of therapy services
  • Blood and plasma transfusions, along with diagnosing in-depth metabolic and bleeding disorders your pet might have
  • End of-life care, should your furry friends need it

Throughout all of these services, your family pets will be closely monitored and cared for by our team of veterinarians, who are always on hand.

If you live near Owasso, and an emergency occurs with your pet, call the Animal Emergency Center of Tulsa at 918-665-0508. Our goal is to treat your pet as quickly and safely as possible to get them on the road to recovery.

Emergency Vet near Owasso, OK
Cat and dog at our emergency vet clinic near Owasso, OK